How Healthy Is Your Water Quality?

After logging hundreds of support cases over the years, we have found an overwhelming correlation between these 12 risk factors and the presence of active bio-contaminants, pipe build-up, and reduced jet performance. How does your hot tub stack up? 

RED LIGHT: Hot Tub Purge Required

If you experience any of these symptoms, there is a very high likelihood of bio-contaminants in your tub! We recommend you complete a purge, drain your spa, and refill with fresh water if  ANY of these are present

  1. Do you see black, gray, or white flakes in the water?
  2. Do you see any build up on the filters?
  3. Is there a noticeable odor? This may be recognized as either organic (rotten egg) or a chlorine smell
  4. Is your hot tub water cloudy on a regular basis? 
  5. Does your skin itch after you exit your hot tub? 

YELLOW LIGHT: Hot Tub Purge Recommended

These risk factors can be more challenging to diagnose. The age of the spa alone is not a reason to purge your spa. In most cases, we find hot tubs with any one symptom can usually be addressed with preventative measures and will not require a complete purge. However, if you find your hot tub is experiencing two or more symptoms simultaneously, we recommend you schedule a purge at your next maintenance interval to maintain healthy, clear water quality and optimum jet performance. 

  1. Is your hot tub older than one year?
  2. Are you buying chemicals more frequently or using more chemicals on a weekly basis to maintain good water chemistry? 
  3. Has it been at least 3 months since you last drained your hot tub?
  4. Has your hot tub ever been “purged” since you have purchased it? 

GREEN LIGHT: No treatment needed, monitor for change

Assuming you monitor your chemicals on a regular basis and conduct routine maintenance such as draining your spa and changing filters periodically, a purge is likely premature. However, be mindful of any changes in the quality or appearance of the spa water. 

  1. Are you using a hot tub that was purchased ‘used’ from an individual or dealer? 
  2. Is your hot tub used at a vacation rental, parties, or placed in an environment where the guests are likely not to shower prior to entering hot tub? 
  3. Is the hot tub used more than 5 times per month? 

Our Favorite Purge Products

If your hot tub requires a plumbing purge, we recommend these two ‘hot tub specific’ products. Both are available on, but we also encourage you to consult with your local retailer for expert advice and recommendations!

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Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner | Clean Your Pope and Jets Gunk Build Up | Top Water Clarifier 2oz